Saturday, April 21, 2012

Slippin' And Slidin'

Our church had a yard-sale today, to support the upcoming youth-group mission trip. Now, I'm not generally a big yard sale fan, but I do try and support the church. So I took my son and we headed over.  He found all sorts of fun junk, and I found this:

For thise youngsters out there, it's a Pickett Model N-531-ES slide rule.  The "scientific calculator" that predates calculators.  Looks like it is from 1960-1962.  Complete with all the documentation, and original box.  A wonderfully geeky find for any engineer.

Now, I'm not (quite) old enough to have ever been a slide rule expert, but they did teach us how to use one in middle-school.  Probably just to make us suffer, as scientific calculators had already taking over.  My cheap plastic one is long gone.

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