Monday, May 07, 2012

Dream on, on to the heart of the sunrise.....

From The Archives

Sunrise, from the Methodist Camp at Lake Little Grassy.  This is about 2 hours South-South-East of St. Louis area, near Carbondale.  When my daughters were younger, we'd go down here a couple of times a year, it was always fun.  I'd frequently wake early, wander the grounds, and enjoy the quiet at sunrise.  This particulalr morning, there was a slight fog lifting off the lake (rising from left to right) and a nice pink/purple cast.  All was calm, and everything seemed "right" with the world.

I think this captures the spirit of the moment.  It was taken with one of my point-n-shoot cameras.  My DSLR might've done better, but Ektachrome would've been best.  But I haven't shot slides in probably 30 years.

The title is from Heart Of The Sunrise, by Yes (from the album Fragile)

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