Sunday, May 06, 2012

May Be The Last Time, I Don't Know

From the archives
I got "into"photography back in High School, around 1975.  Regular readers have seen a few images from those early days (here, here) .  Even after college, I continued to do some interesting stuff (here, here).  But when we moved to Illinois (in 1989), it seemed to fade away.  I took mostly "snapshots", and not many of those.  Then in early 1996, I started getting the itch, and dusted off the SLR.  This is one of the early images from that time.  Maybe not the best image, but I like it.

During most of the '90s, I commuted to Highland Illinois.  About 16 miles each way, most of it interstate.  This billboard was about 1/3 of the way to work.  I liked the rhetorical question; when was the last time?    This billboard sat pretty far off the highway, too far for a reasonable photo.  So one weekend, I explored along the backroads until I was able to get closer.  But I didn't want to go into the newly planted cornfield to get a straight on view.

The Billboard was for a nice little restaurant on the east side of Highland, which is still there.  Though the billboard is long gone.

The title is from the old Rolling Stones song.

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