Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Do Ya Know What I Mean??.... (revisited)

One of my posts from 6/13/2005, back in the early days of the blog:
- - -
On this day (6/13), way back in 1970, the band Mountain made their Top 40 debut with "Mississippi Queen". One of the classics of classic rock, this song only made it to #21 on the pop charts.
- - -

Pretty spares post, huh?  If I were doing it today, I'd almost certainly link to a Youtube.  I'd probably have noted that "Mississippi Queen" was Mountain's only Top 40 hit.  With some sort of link to a bio of the band....

Oh, and an image of some sort.  Maybe one of my images of a mountain, or something mountainous, like this image taken in extreme Northern Idaho:

And perhaps some trivial bit like the fact that Mississippi is one of only 6 states I've never visited.  (And I'll be checking Oklahoma off that list before long).

Probably wouldn't (or won't) get any more traffic, though.

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