Friday, June 15, 2012

Rock Your Baby Boat..... (revisited)

Deep dusty from the archives.  This was originally posted 6/15/2005

OK, 2 songs released today (6/15), back in 1974. Both went to #1. Which one is worse?
Rock The Boat by Hughes Corporation
Rock Your Baby by George MacRae

Once again, a rather terse post.    More data, including the geeky graph, and a semi-related photo....:

Rocks along the Clearwater River, near Lewiston, Idaho

Rock The Boat peaked on 7/6/74, was #1 for only 1 week, and was in the Top 40 for 9 weeks.  It is consdiered by some to be the 1st Disco song to hit #1.

Rock Your Baby peaked on 7/13/74, displacing Rock The Boat as #1.  It was #1 for 2 weeks, and in the Top 40

I do have Rock The Boat in my collection.  But not Rock Your Baby.  So I guess that answers my question from 7 years ago (at least in my mind)

It is interesting that the 2 songs moved in lockstep up and down the charts:

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