Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tower, St. Phillips Church, Charleston, S.C. (revisited)

Another from the serires of photos found when cleaning out my parents' stuff. After several years, I finally got around to scaning/posting them last summer. Reposted, with updates.

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Continuing the series of  Vintage Photos, taken by my father, 60+ years ago.  The church is still there.  Not too surprising since it was far from neew when my Father took the picture.  Reportedly, The current St. Philip's was constructed from 1835 to 1838 by architect Joseph Hyde, while the steeple, designed by E.B. White, was added a decade later.

"Tower, St. Phillips Church, Charleston, S.C."

It doesn't show up on Streetview, but here's the Google Maps location.  And a recent photo from Panoramio. In the French Quarter of South Carolina.


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