Thursday, August 16, 2012

I plot your rubric scarab, I steal your satellite.....

 Many moons ago, in mid/late High School, I was a big Blue Oyster Cult fan.  Even before they released "Don't Fear The Reaper" and got huge.  But the big thing back then was that the lyrics, as best as could be understood, made little sense. 

But there was hope.  You could send to the record company and they'd send you the lyrics!!  I think it was something like $2 and a SASE.  (I should dig out my vinyl and confrm, I suppose).  Andway, I sent in my request, and sometime later received several pages of 11x17" green bar computer paper with the elusive lyrics.  And not just for the album I requested, but for all the albums out at the time (3).  That's right kids, we didn't always have Google!

Of course, while this solved the problem of understanding what the word were, it didn't help understand what they might mean.

Flash forward 35 years or so.  I was looking for something in the basement and came across the lyrics sheet for the album "Secret Treaties".  Just imagine if it was in good shape.  Or if I had all three albums....  I could sell it on eBay!


John Roberts said...

I always considered it a treat when I bought an album and found the lyrics inside. Depending on the band, I sometimes wasn't any better off with the lyrics right in front of me.

gary said...