Sunday, August 05, 2012

Oh, And I HATE The Stupid "Cloud".....

So, last night I decided to buy a couple of MP3 songs from Amazon.... No big deal, I do it quite regularly.  But this time, I get a note that I need to update my Amazon-downloader....  "whatever".

Except now my new purchases are stored on my "Cloud Player", and not downloaded to my computer.  Except I don't have a stinkin' cloud player.  Or didn't till now.  Nor do I want one.  Yeah, I'm a old fashioned guy, I use one of those quaint little iPod things, and don't need internet connectivity to access my 14,000 songs.

Anyway,  when I try an purchase the songs, Amazon says "open your cloud player"....  At which point it wants to upload every song on my computer back to the cloud.  Uh, NO.  JUST GIVE ME MY SONGS I JUST PURCHASED!

I finally figured out how to find 2 of the 3, but the last eluded me.   I finally rerted to live-chat help, where a fine person on the other end of the internet was able to help me out.  He (?)  showed me how to override the new default setting, and set up a "download again" of that missing 3rd song.  And he also tried to convinve me why the cloud is such a wonderful thing (A view which I still don't share).

What should have taken about 3 minutes ended up closer to 45 minutes  And I'm still ticked.

And I had a pleasant email from Amazon this morning, reconfirming that "due to the new change to our Amazon MP3 section on our website, all the future MP3 purchases will be directly saved to Cloud player".  They gushed about the joys of having free remote backup, security of files and all that.  Without mentioning the part about no downloading the files to your computer anymore.  Or that putting all my music into a cloud wouldn't be remotely free.   At least I know how to override the setting.  For now, at least.

But it really irks me that I now have a cloud, even though I didn't ask for it, don't want it and won't use it.  I'll tell you one thing for sure:  I won't be upgrading from the free cloud to a costed one!  Maybe I'll go back to iTunes as my primary source for purchaisng music. 

And Get Off My Lawn!
Oh yeah, The photo is just a snapshot taken on the drive home from work a while back

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