Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Rolling Stone's Top 100 Albums of the 80's - #92

While looking for links on another post, I stumbled across a lsit of the Top 100 albums of the 80's.  Looking it over, I had more of them than I thought I would.  And it seemed like a good subject for a series here.

SO, working backwards:

#92 - Tom Petty - Full Moon Fever.

This was Tom Petty's first album without the Heartbreakers.  It was released in early 1989, and was quite popular during the time I was moving from Washington, DC, to the Illinois suburbs of St. Louis.  I spent 2 months living in hotels, and lots of time listening to the radio. 

FMF featured several hits, most notable "Free Fallin'", which peaked at #7.  And "Runnin' Down A Dream" which was a big MTV hit.  One of my fAvorites was the remake of the old Byrds song "Feel A Whole Lot Better"

Looking at iTunes, over the past 25-ish months, the average playcount of FMF is 3.8 plays/song.  That's probably average.

One to the photo:.  A real oldie, taken in High School (late '77), on a back-packing trip to central Pennsylvania.  And yes, that's a full moon.  I didn't have a tripod, laid my camera on the ground outside the tent flap, ste the exposure to "B" and held the shutter open for a while... Randomness in the extreme..

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Anonymous said...

Tom Petty was perhaps the most consistent artist of the decade. Every album was good, every song highly listenable. Just basic, straight ahead rock and roll. "Free Fallin' " is one of his best tracks.