Tuesday, August 07, 2012

West Of The Fields

My screensaver is "My Pictures Slideshow", which shouldn't surprise anybody.  I have about 800 of my favorite images in a folder, to pop up at 15 second intervals.  Yummy!

Anyway, I was on the phone today, and this image came up:

This was taken back in spring of 2008, during my 6 month sojourn in Pullman Washington.  One a weekend wander in the Lewsiton / Clarkston area.  Somewhere in Hell's Gate State Park, around here.  This is one of those images that I was quite enthusiastic about when I snapped the shutter.  And then hugely disappointed when I saw the result. Once I'd done some digital-darkroom,  I was semi-satisfied .  And when I saw it today, I thought it was downright excellent (in a subtle way).  Now that I've looked at it a bit, I'm back to semi-satisfied......  phew.  Over-analyze much?

The title is largely random, from R.E.M.'s song from the Murmur album.

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