Friday, October 05, 2012

Fun with Fungus!

Taken during the same outing as "Funky Little Flowers".  I thouight these terraced discs of fungus were pretty cool.  This is on a dead tree (fallen), in the deep woods of Pleasant Ridge Park. 

Another view, from a more elevated angle.

I have no clue what the botanical name is for this, any more than I did on those pink/red flowers/berries.....  It makes me feel deficient.  Ah, but a little googling leads me to believe this is Trametes versicolor: The Turkey Tail....  Or psooibly "FalseTurkey Tail"???


Ol'Froth said...

If it has a spongy feel and you can see tiny pores in the underside is a turkey tail. If its thin, smooth, and no visible pores, its a false tukey tail

LSqrd said...

thanks, Frothy. Next time I'll try and remember to look!

Ol'Froth said...

You might need a small magnifying glass to see the pores.