Friday, October 05, 2012

Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame - Nominees

think that most years, I’ve posted something about the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame nominations. Even though the whole RRHOF concept seems sort of wrong. Anyway, I say today that the nominees for 2013 have been announced, so here goes:

It seems that they’re running low on really good candidates. I sure don’t see any “slam dunks” here.  Here’s this year’s picks, ranked by the number of songs on my iPod:
  •  Deep Purple (31)
  • Heart (31)
  • Randy Newman (26)
  • Procol Harem (12)
  • Rush (7)
  • Kraftwerk (5)
  • Joan Jett And The Blackhearts (3)
  • Donna Summer (3)
  • The Marvelettes (2)
  • Chic (2)
  • The Paul Butterfield Blues Band (0)
  • Albert King (0)
  • The Meters (0)
  • N.W.A. (0)
  • Public Enemy (0)
Well, I suppose I can support: The Marvellettes, Randy Newman, Deep Purple, Heart, Albert King, Rush. And this year, I really can support them, as the RRHOF has added a Fan Vote function. Granted it isn’t going to change anything, as all the fan votes will be complied into a single ballot, to be added in with the 600+ other ballots from “international voting body of … artists, historians and members of the music industry”…
 And they still stubbornly refuse to acknowledge some iconic acts. My biggest (continued) gripe is the absence of “Yes”. C’mon guys, Kraftwerk gets a nomination and Yes doesn’t? Really? And what of Chicago (19 Top 10 hits) ? Ot the Doobie Brothers? And so many others. Great article on the subject here.


Anonymous said...

Yes should already be in the HOF. For myself I would like to see Steppenwolf in.

LSqrd said...

I don't know about RRHOF, but I love Steppenwolf. I saw them in '82 or '83, they were still awesome.