Thursday, October 04, 2012

Happenstance Photography

If you check out my "Links" area (to your right), one of the sites is Happenstance Photography.  That's me, in a different guise.  I originally started that blog (in late 2006) as a place for my "artistic" black and white images, but after a few months, it petered out.  For a while, it was a place to blog about my microstock experiences.  But that never really caught my fancy.  70 Posts over 59 months.  Not exactly busy.
Anyway, not too long ago, I decided to restart Happenstance, following the original concept.  Just photos.  Minimal pontificating.  And (so far at least) focusing on B&W. 

I's like ot keep it going, if it develops any sort of following.  Check it out, comments welcome!

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John Roberts said...

Sounds like a plan!