Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Album Review: Jason Collett - Motor Motel Love Songs

I recently acquired Jason Collett's album, Motor Motel Love Songs.  I wasn't familiar with Collett, but I rather like this album.  It has a good "sound", and a solid selection of songs.  On the other hand, nothing that really stands out (high or low).  Not exactly remarkable, or gripping...  Overall, it kind of reminds me of Tom Petty's album Echo.  Maybe mashed up with a little bit of Uncle Tupelo's Anodyne...  But not quite as good as either.

After a litte research, I see that Jason Collett is Canadian, from Ontario.  And the Motor Motel is a 2003 compilation of songs from his prior 2 albums, reflecting  13 of those first 24 songs.

Jason's web site says of Motor Motel Love Songs says:
Toronto man about town Jason Collett unfolds his sleeve to reveal a happily bleeding heart on this collection of material from past releases. Collett’s voice is brimming with warmth, and he has a cigar box full of stylistic implements with which to accompany it. Together with a gaggle of talented pals, he sells his material at a reasonable and honest price — it’s like a set of pleasantly this-or-that rockers on a late-night left-of-dial radio station.

The review at allmusic summarizes thusly:
In the end, Motor Motel Love Songs is as graceful as the fading light of day, and as comfortable as the predictable old creaks of a trusted pickup truck.

Amazon's customer's ratings give it 3.6/5 stars.

Pleasant....  comfortable...  Yeah, I'll agree with that. 

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