Monday, September 02, 2013

... At The Old Ball Game!

I grew up in Pittsburgh,as a die-hard Pirates fan.  back in the 70's, when they were good.  In fact, I was fortunate enough to go to a game in the 1971 World Series.  Sadly, the Pirates have been pretty bad for decades...  two of them in fact.   And I haven't been to a Pirates game since well before they moved into thier "new" park.

Meanwhile, I've lived in the St. Louis area for longer than the Pireats have been losing.  And I've become a bit of a Cardinals fan.  And they've done rather well...  But I have reatined a soft spot for the Bucs.

The Pirates are on the verge of breaking their 20 year losing streak, and are challenging the Cards for 1st place in the division.  And the Cards were in Pittsburgh for the holiday weekend...  so....  ROAD TRIP!  My wife and son and I ran over to the steel city, and tookk in Sunday's game, along with my brother and (mst of) his family.  Lots of highway, burt lots of fun!  Cards won this game, but Bucs took the series.  And as of last night, the teams were tied with 4 weeks left in the season!

Big version of the  photo HERE.

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