Thursday, February 20, 2014

But What Does It MEAN?

So, I was looking at the "Stats" section of Blogger, and they have a listing of "Pageviews By Countries"...  So where do my readers come from?  Well, apparently the vast majority come from the United States.  Which isn't too surprising, since I've lived my whole life in the USA.  But it is interesting to see some of the other countries with notable (or at least noticable) traffic.  Russia?  Italy?? Netherlands???  Wild.

If I switch to "Last Month", the results don't chage significantly, with 76.8% of traffic from USA, and 8.1% from "other".  But Canada, Brazil, Italy and Australia drop out of the top 10, replaced with Ukraine, Sweden, Mexico and Poland.

Of course, I can't come up with any "so what?", or any action I might want to take based on this information.  Should I be educating myself about Ukranian issues?  Shop at Ikea?? 


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