Friday, February 21, 2014

I Hate Meeces To Pieces! (Revisited)

Yep, we've been hearing the tell-tale skritch-skritch-skritch in our walls for a bit, and figured we had some uninvited guests.  We've had them once before (7+ years ago).  But where last time they were in the kitchen (where there's food) this time they're in the walls.  With no evidence other than the noise.  Well, I opened an acess panel to one of our bathrooms, and found droppings.  Off to Lowes for traps!!

Last time we used reusable "humane" traps, which allowed me to take them to the park and put them back in the food chain.  But years later, I can't find them.  And the store only had kill traps and poison this time, so kill traps it is!.

Couple of days later, and we've  caught 2.  Time to buy more traps!

Sorry, no pictures...

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