Monday, April 21, 2014

New Year's Resolution - Update #3

Ready For Spring, I am......

All of a sudden, we've made it 30% of the way through 2014! As with the prior milestones, it's time to check back on my New Years Resolutions. Trying to keep those goals S.M.A.R.T.  And in the spirit of accountability, I’ll publish my progress…  SO, what did I resolve?

1) More Photography!  UPDATE #3:
I've been pretty busy taking images this segment, which has been primarily reflected on the blogs.  With 16 images heree, and another 7 at Happenstance, etc.  That's down a bit from the last 10% segment, but WAY more than published over the same time last year.  I also had several photos printed (but yet to be mounted / framed), and did a family photo for some friends (of which I'm pretty pleased).  Started (just) an instagram account, still figuring what all that means, and have experimented a little with some iPhone aps like Sphere...   I'll go A-.

2) More Walking!  UPDATE #3: 
Mixed bag:  During the 3rd 10% of 2014, I did NOT exceed my distance from the same period in 2013.  In fact, I was about 25% below.  Mostly due to a 12 day lull, where I averaged "next to nothing".  On the plus side, over the past 2 weeks, I've been making some mailes, and ytd and above last year, and quite near the +20% goal.  Still, not a good moth, I'll be generous and go C+. 

3) Weight.  UPDATE #3:
Ugly.  I did not lose any weight over the past segment.  I spent most of the segment in a pretty tight band (2-3 pounds).  But we're not to the "maintin" yet...  No excuses, have gotten slack on the eating side.  Need to get back on the program, it's a long year, with lots of time tomake it up.  But, again being generous, I can't go above D.

The next segment will be challenging, I'll be traveling, with events like graduations and weddings.  But, I still need to make it all work.

Look for next update, on or around 5/28 (40% of year).

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