Thursday, August 21, 2014

Ice Bucket Challenge

(photo of me, not by me)
Unless you live under a rock, you've certainly heard about the Ice Bucket Challenge that's sweeping the nation.  You get challenged, you pour cold water on your head, and somehow, it helps ALS. 

Well, I'm not exactly a trend setter, nor trend follower, so I pretty much stayed diinterested while celebrities, sports figures and politicians all took the "plunge".  Then an alarming number of people I know...  I reailized it was only a matter of time until somebody tagged me.  And earlier this week, it happened.

Problem is, I'm not a trendy guy.  Not one to join in.  Not to mention entirely too "grown up" for such silliness.   I figured to make a donation ('cause it's a good cause, ya know), and just ignore the whole specatcal part. But then I thought about it more.  And I decided to lighten up.  Be a good sport.  Get out of my comfort zone.  So yesterday, I did the douse, and the deed was done.  Not just damp, but drenched and dripping.  Almost refreshing in the current heat wave... almost.

But I did make a donation, too.  If you care about such things, you can catch it on facebook
UPDATE:  link if you care


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