Wednesday, September 17, 2014

New Year's Resolution - Update #7

Discerning readers may have noticed that I didn't do an update for the 6th segment.  Frankly, it just stunk so badly that is crushed my spirit.  So much for the spirit of accountability, huh?  On the other hand, since nobody noticed / called me out....


As of 9/13/2014, we're 7/10s of the way through 2014.  Where do I stand on my New Year's resolutions?

1) More Photography!  UPDATE #7:
Last perion was pretty good, the prior was even better.  In terms of web postings, I've now exceeeded 2013's total, with a lot of year left.  Nothing too stunning, but I'm satisfied.  Still need more DSLR and less P'n'S and iPhone.  Not much happening outside the web, though.  I'll go B+

2) More Walking!  UPDATE #7: 
Not too bad, and getting better.  For this segment, I was above the +20% target.  Best sement the 2nd.  The full-year +20% goal is still acheivable...  maybe.  I'll go A- for the segment, but need to maintain the improvement.

3) Weight.  UPDATE #7:
Still sliding sideways, 3rd month of stagnant.  That's better than up, I suppose.  And still down for the year.  C- grade, and that's generous.

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