Friday, January 09, 2015

4/365 - Selfie.....

I'm not real big on self portraits.  Or, for that matter, any photos of myself.  But I made an exception this morning, getting ready to drive to work.  Figured it would be a good addition for my 365project.
Comparatively balmy this morning, I think it was 15 degrees, with the wind chill above 0 degrees.  Warm enough for my son to go to school, after 2 days of cancelled classes.  (Grumble....  back in my day we'd never have school cancelled just because of a little cold....  and Get Off My Lawn!).  Anyway, here's "me", rocking my winter garb.  The hat was a Christmas gift from my younger daughter (2013), The scarf from my son (2014).  Thanks kids!
Still working the iPhone. 

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