Saturday, January 10, 2015

Pet Peeve #42,014 - iPod Genius

Generally speaking, I like Apple's Genius Mixes function.  Except for when I hate it.  There are a few hugely irritating thing sit does.  Besides the occasional really bad fits.  For example:

  • When creating a genius playlist, it changes the seed song.  Even when the song is playing.  Most often, it will substitute a live version of the same song, but every once in a while it will select some other song by  the same artist.  Drives me crazy
  • Related:  Genius frequently selects "non-normal" versions of songs.  Most frequently live versions, but also those "toss in" CD extras; rehearsal versions, demo versions, etc...  
  • When starting a playlist with a Jazz song, the genius frequently drops a couple of Christmas song.  Really?  I pretty much quite using genius on Jazz.

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