Tuesday, October 06, 2015

And Now For Something Completely Different...

So, last Saturday (10/03/2015), I participated in Scott Kelby's 8th Annual Worldwide Photography Walk.  And while it was the 8th annual walk, it was a first for me.  The first time I've done any sort of formal group photography experience.  And I survived!  I even enjoyed it, and think I came up with some decent images.

I discovered the event through a forum posting over at 365project, where I've been posting this year. Turns out there were a couple of walks near me, closest being in Alton, IL.  Long story short:  I decided to sign up, and then two acquaintances from 365 joined, and suggested we meet up and shoot together....  yikes!  Even further outside my comfy little box!

Anyway, It was cool and overcast Saturday, not the best light for photos, but the show went on.   Two hours of wandering Alton, lots and lots of photos taken.  I've only processed a fraction, but there's a few I'm pretty pleased with.  And a lot that are at least decent (IMHO).  I created an album over at Flickr to collect the all, check it out at: 

 Verdict?  This was a good thing, I need to do more good things... 

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