Monday, October 19, 2015

Mississippi Mud Flats

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Took a quick trip out to West Alton Saturday, looking for photo ops.  Naturally, we (my son and I) were slow getting started, so it was getting close to noon by the time I was shooting.  Not exactly the golden hour.  But I came up with a couple decent shots.  The one above, and this one

This is right below Melvin Price Lock and Dam, where a flow of water dumps into the Mississippi River.  (In fact, that's the Mississippi in the background).  Looking at Google Maps, this is actually a spur (slough?) of the river, though it may also drain some of the ponds in the area.  This day, the stream was only a couple of feet wide.  But the ground was quite unstable.  Although I was trewading as lightly as possible, at one point, my left leg dropped knee deep though what looks like solid ground.  Muddy, muck, which we got to smell on the drive home.  But worth it.

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