Friday, October 16, 2015

Lost In My Dream Of Fear

I was taking a lunch-time walk earlier this week, at Pleasant Ridge Park.  We're at that time of year (late summer into fall) when the foliage is at its most dense.  And the overall feeling can be foreboding...  That's the feeling I was trying to convey here:  Dense, challenging, walling a viewer off from the light.  I'll let you judge if I was successful.  Also posted over at 365Project.

In pondering a title, I settled on "lost", and skimming through my iPod, "Lost In My Dream".  This is from the old Spooky Tooth song.   This (naturally) led me to play the song, which led me (somewhat predictably) to do a Genius Playlist based on it.  Which supported my commute, and my morning background music today.

Here it is:
  • Lost In My Dream - Spooky Tooth
  • Simple Sister - Procol Harem
  • Take A Look Around - James Gang
  • Heavy Load - Free
  • What About Me? - Quicksilver Messenger Service
  • Shanghai Noodle Factory - Traffic
  • Do What You Like - Blind Faith
  • Anyway - Stephen Stills / Manassas
  • Sunshine Help Me - Spooky Tooth
  • Eyes Of A Child - Moody Blues
  • Special Care - Buffalo Springfield
  • Woman - James Gang
  • The Barbarian - Emerson Lake And Palmer
  • Shine On Brightly - Procol Harem
  • Remember - Free
  • Just Call My Name - Poco
  • Try Me - John Entwistle
  • That Was Only Yesterday - Spooky Tooth
  • Still I'm Sad - The Yardbirds
  • Fresh Air - Quicksilver Messenger Service
  • Heaven Is I Your Mind - Traffic
  • So Deep Within You - Moody Blues
  • Rock And Roll Crazies / Cuban Bluegrass - Stephen Stills
  • Funk #48 - James Gang
  • I Got A Line On You - Spirit
 Overall, it's a really strong playlist, only a couple of head-scratchers.
I found almost all of it on Spotify (except "Try Me"), so I made a playlist. 
Check it out:  Lost In My Dream

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