Thursday, October 22, 2015

Pet Peeve # 42,299 - "Reply All"

I'll start with an acknowledgement that this is a certifiable "First World Problem", and I should focus on maintaining perspective.  BUT..... 

So, some guy in my company got promoted yesterday.  And his boss sent out a promotion announcement.  All cool, I'm happy for him.  But, I don't know him, he doesn't work in (or with) my division.  It's not really particularly important to me. 

Except for the subsequent flood to my inbox.  Dozens of people sending "reply all" messages of congratulations.  People I don't know sending congratulations to a person I don't know, about a position that does not impact me. And they're still coming after 36 hrs...

Makes me wanna holler....  That notice probably didn't need to go to everybody in the company who has an email address.  

Of course, YOUR pet peeve may be people cluttering up the internet with Pet Peeves they've already Posted.....   Cause I see I posted about this a mere 507 days ago.  But I'm still posting again, because it really makes me THAT mad.

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