Thursday, October 08, 2015

RRHOF - 2016 Nominees!

The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame has announced their nominees for the class of 2016.  And they are taking fan votes again, so make yourself heard!  Here's the slate, with my comments.  As I've done in the past, they're ranked by how many songs appear on my iPod:

  • Yes - Finally!  I've long thought that Yes was the worst oversight in the RRHOF.  They brought progressive rock to mianstream, mixing radio hits with epic musical adventures.  I saw them twice in the late 70's, they were outstanding both times.  I have 53 Yes songs on my iPod, including all 6 classic studio releases from 1971 through 1977.  Obviously, I think they should be voted in, a no-brainer.
  • Cheap Trick - Well, I'm little ambivalent here.  The first few Cheap Trick albums are solid, and "In Color" is great.  And their live "At Budokan" ruled the music world back in 1979.  But is that worthy of RRHOF?  I'm still at "maybe".  I saw them back in '79 or '80, they were a blast.  I have 51 Cheap Trick songs on my iPod.
  • Deep Purple - Well, this is the band that recorded "Smoke On The Water".  What more needs said?  How about recording what many feel is the best live album of all time "Made In Japan"?  On the other handthey had a lot of turnover in personnel (especially singer), not all of their music is awesome...   Still, like Cheap Trick, I'll give them a yes. And there's 31 Deep Purple songs on my iPod.
  • Steve Miller - I was frankly surprised by this nomination.  Yes, Steve Miller was really popular, as evidenced by the 30 songs on my iPod.  But really?  Few of the sangs are really memorable, I've never really thought he was influential....  I'd vote no.
  • Chicago - I admit that I hadn't really thought about Chicago as a RRHOF nominee.  But now taht I think about it, I like it.  While they devolved into sweet pop songs in their later years, they were quite ground breaking at the start, with the whole rock / jazz fusion thing.  There's 27 songs on my iPod, skipping most of the later fluff.  I'd vote yes.
  • The Cars - The first cars album (1978) was ear-catching.  A new sound, captivating...  GREAT.  But, I think each subsequent record went a little downhill.  Sure they pumped out some hits, but lots of bands pump out hits.  I wouldn't have nominated them.  That said I do have 21 Cars songs on my iPod.
  • The Spinners - I only have 2 Spinners songs on my iPod, but I recognize the vaue / impact of these folk over the years.  I'll stick with "maybe", willing to be convinced.
  • Nine Inch Nails - Well, I essentially don't know enough about NIN to make a call.  I sure see a lot of their bimper stickers....  Only 1 song on my iPod.
  • Chaka Kahn - I have a lot of respect for Chaka Kahn as a singer.  But only 1 song on my iPod.  Nothing personal, but I don't see RRHOF here
  • Chic  - The RRHOF desribes Chic as "
    the preeminent disco band – emphasis on the word ‘band’ – of the late 70s - See more at:
    preeminent disco band... of the 70s".  I'm willing to accept that, but is that qualification for RRHOF?  I'll pass.  Meanwhile, only 1 song (on my iPod.
  • Janet Jackson - I don't have any JJ songs on my iPod, but I recognize her import and influence.  I think she's an easy yes for induction.
  • Los Lobos - I don't know these folk beyond their cover of Ritchie Valens' "La Bamba".  No songs on my iPod.  Like NIN, I can't say yes or no.
  • N.W.A. - Yet another that I'm not really qualified to judge.  I'm not a hip-hop fan, don't know NWA except to know they have a strong reputation.  No NWA songs on my iPod
  • The Smiths - Yet another band that I don't know.  This is my future as far as RRHOF nominees, I suppose.  Predicatbly, no songs on the iPod.
  • The J.B.'s -  Primarily know as Jame Brown's backing band, and starting point for Bootsy Collins and the backbone of Parlaiment-Funkadelic.  I never realized they had some recordings as the J.B., and I don't have any of them.  I struggle with the concept of backing bands in the RRHOF, maybe they should have a separate wing for "sidemen"?  0 songs on my iPod (not counting James Brown songs).
 Somewhat predictably, we're see in a shift in the nominees.  Most of the worthy folk from the glory days are already in.  The pool of new nominees isn't so strong.  I mean, really, name the "important" bands/performers who made their first recordings in 1990.  perhaps it's just because I wasalready old and responsible in the 90's, but still....

Perhaps I'll make a post of worst oversights in Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame inductees.  Yes would've been at the top of that list (IMHO), but I can come up with a few others.

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