Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Abstract #8750

Over at 365project, they have a term, ETSOOI.  It's an acronym for Edit The "Stuffing" Out Of It.  This one certainly qualifies.  Started with a simple iPhone image of a birch tree, transferred to iPad (bigger, better screen) and tweaked... and tweaked.... and tweaked some more. And then some more.

I had an abstraction in mind when I took this, but this ended up a bit more extreme than I planned.  I rather like how it ended up, though.

Here's the SOOC version, with the (approximate) crop noted:

SOOC = "Straight Out Of Camera", by the way.  Which is NOT something you'll see often from me.  Most of my images have only minor tweaks (crop, exposure, etc)...  But few have none.  Fewer still have this much massaging.

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