Monday, March 14, 2016

Better By You, Better Than Me

Two slightly different takes on the same scene.  I go back and forth between which I prefer.  Both were taken from the same spot, at the same time.  

The top one is from my DSLR.  A little tighter view, and more focused on the expanse of water.  With a "standard" 3:2 crop.
Focal Length - 98mm  (equivalent in 35mm format)

The lower photo is from my Compact Digital, with a much wider angle.  Shifted right included the near shore for perspective, and boosted the contrast a bit more.  An non-standard, semi-panorama crop (1.8:1), but more standard placement of the horizon.
Focal Length - 45mm (equivalent in 35mm format)
 - - -
This is the Mississippi River, looking upstream from a pull-out along the Great River Road.  Between Alton and Elsah.  The island on the left is Eagle's Nest Island.  The center/right is Piasa island, with the Illinois shore in the distance.  Based on Google-Maps, this is about a mile south of Piasa, and 2.7 miles from Eagle's Nest...  The Mississippi river is right at 1 mile wide at this point.
 - - -

Just for giggles, below you'll see the approximate angle of view for the two images:

 Post title is a reference to song by Spooky Tooth

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