Friday, July 01, 2016

Moved 2 Bobbit

So...We were on a road trip last week. I'm finally getting around to processing photos.  You can also check some out here and here.

This one was taken in downtown Raleigh, NC.  We had gone to dinner with my daughter (The Pit - highly recommended!), and decided to walk over to the state Capital building to settle our food.  This spot is just a block or so from the restaurant.  I thought it was really interesting, and (on the return walk) couldn't resisit a photo.  This is a case of "the best camera is the one with you", meaning my iPhone.

Here's the Google Street View:

Of course I had to look up the new location, 1340 Bobbitt Dr...  Which is in Garner, NC, about 6 miles south of this location.  Not being from the area, I didn't realize Garner was a place.   And now I know (and you, too!) that this is the former home of Turn Key Tire Service.

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