Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Just Barely Made It....

So...  last year a friend encourage me to enter the photo contest at the local library.  And I snagged a 3rd place prize!

 2015 Entry, 3rd Place - Scenic

I've been thinking it was about time for the 2016 contest, but hadn't seen anything.  But then again, I hadn't actually gone looking.  Well, last Friday morning, I was reading Thursday's local paper, and saw an article about the contest.  Mentioning the fact that submissions were due Monday!

Well, I was pretty bummed...  and mad at myself.  But then I checked with one of the local photo shops, and discovered they could have prints delivered to their store by Monday, as long as they were uploaded early Saturday.  So I skimmed through my images since 10/2016, selected a few, reworked them for 8x10 prints....  and uploaded.  The wonderful folks at Creve Coeur Camera came through, and by noon Monday I had 1/2 dozen prints.  After work, my wife and son helped me pick the best 3, and I had them dropped off with probably 2 hours to spare!  Now to wait and see how they're received.

Next time, I need to be more alert...

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