Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Well, at least THAT's done....

This has been the most unpleasant election season I can recall.  Continuing a trend that goes back way too many years.  Worse and worse it gets....  But I still have to participate in the process...

I've heard that Negative Campaigning is prevalent because it works.  And I suppose I understand that (though I hate it).  But, seems to me that we've evolved from some negative to lots, to all.  And more and more hyperbole around it all. The primary reason to vote FOR somebody is that the other candidate is worse?

I suppose the end result is a choice between (major party) candidates with record "unlikable" ratings.  And we've reached that point. 

Wonder what comes next?  My biggest fear is that, like Christmas decorations in October, we'll start our campaigns earlier and earlier.


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