Tuesday, November 15, 2016

R.I.P. Leon Russell, Leonard Cohen,. and Mose Allison! ... and Holly Dunn!

2016 continues to be a bad year for folk in the music industry.  We lost a bunch of people in the first part of the year, then had a bit of a lull.  But in the span of a week, we both Leonard Cohen (11/7) and Leon Russell (11/13) passed away.  Two more members gone from the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame….  UPDATE:  Just today (11/15) I just see Mose Allison died...  and Holly Dunn!!


Leonard Cohen, of course, is best known for writing the song "Hallelujah"...  which has been covered by pretty much everybody.  If you hadn't heard it before, you've certainly heard it in the past week.  But that's OK, it's a stunning song.  But, I must admit, I don't have any of his music (except for a few cover versions of Hallelujah), and I wasn't too bummed when he passed.  Leonard Cohen was 82.

Then last weekend, Leon Russell died.  Leon Russell is probably less well known than Cohen, but, much better known by me.  Even though he only had two (US) Top 40 hits (Tightrope and Lady Blue), he was well known, and well respected in the 70's AOR community.  I have a couple of his albums, and a compilation, and should have more (and will....).  Leon Russell was 74.

And Today?  Well Mose Allison has passed away. Allison was a Jazz musician, probably unknown among most rock and rollers.   However, he wrote "Young Man Blues" and "Eyesight To the Blind", two huge songs for the Who...  His songs were also covered by folks like The Clash, The Yardbirds, Elvis Costello and even Leon Russell!  I discovered Mose Allison after hearing Pete Townshend talk about him in an interview somewhere along the way....  Mose Allison was 89.

Lastly, Holly Dunn.  Holly Dunn was a country singer, and had 10 Top 40 hits (and two #1's) in the second half of the 80's.  I remember the name, and one or two of the songs....  but I'm not a huge country fan....  Holly Dunn was only 59...

- - -

That's 4 notable music deaths in 9 days.  I hope we're not going to finish the year the way we started it...

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