Sunday, May 13, 2018

Road Trip!

So, The Fratellis are one of my son's favorite bands.  A Scottish band taht apparently doesn't tour the US all that often.  So, not long ago he (my son, that is) came to me and announced that they would be playing in Chicago, and proposing that he/we go.

We did a little digging, and decided to have an adventure.  He and I, along with one of his friends, took Friday off (from work/school) and drove from St. Louis area to Chicago to see the band.  Spent the night at a hotel, and came home Saturday.

It was a good time, and (hopefully) an adventure he'll remember (fondly) for a long time.

The venue was Metro, just a couple of blocks down from Wrigley field.  Fun venue, room to pack in about 1,000 folk.   No seats, just shoulder to shoulder standing.  It was bright and sunny and pushing 90 degrees when we left St. Louis.  And grey and mid 50s in Chicago by the time of the show.  But dry.

- - - - -

A couple of cell phone shots from our balcony perch.  Fun fun fun!

Some songs:
Starcrossed Lovers

I've Been Blind

Chelsea Dagger

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