Friday, March 11, 2011

It's Alright

So…  my wife drove to Springfield (IL) to visit my oldest daughter today.  Naturally she took my car, which is a lot more comfortable for highway driving, and gets about 50% better gas mileage.  That left me with the mom-mobile Not exactly stylin’, but I can deal with it.  Plus, the minivan is the only place we have right now with a working / connected cassette deck, so I took the opportunity to dig through my old tapes and listen to something from the past.  Today’s selection:   Chris Stamey’s 1987 release “It’s Alright”.  Besides having some great songs, this album is notable because it came out the same year I became a father (to oldest daughter referenced above).  Guess it’s an appropriate listen today, since I’ll be becoming a grandfather (via said daughter) in the next month or two!

And we'll seal the discussion with a semi-random photo taken not far from Springfield IL, from a few years ago:

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