Friday, June 22, 2012

Life Is Sad, Life Is A Bust, All You Can Do Is Do What You Must....

Speaking of classic albums…  How about Bob Dylan’s 1975 release “Blood On The Tracks”?  Ranked #16 on Rolling Stone's list of the Top 500 albums of all time.  BOTT reached #1 on the US charts, and reached 2x Platinum in sales (over 2,000,000 units),  It is generally regarded as one of Dylan's best albums.

Interestingly, the album only spawned one hit, "Tangled Up In Blue", which only made it to #33 on the charts.  On the other hand, Dylan only had a dozen Top 40 hits overall (and only 5 in the 70's). 
This is one of the albums for which I wrote an Amazon review, even though it never got much notice.  One comment in 8 years....  jeeze. 
The title is from the song Buckets Of Rain.  We used to repeat those lines in High School, along with the subsequent "....You Do What You Must Do, And You Do It Well". 

The photo is from my archives, a rather old shot, taken behind Watershed Nature Center in Edwardsville.  Believe it was mid 2005.

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