Tuesday, August 12, 2014


I'm feeling sad.  I've received my first banning on the internet.  And I don't even know why...

There's a site that I've used for 4-5 years for Top-40 information (at least since mid -2010).  It has been the source for much information you've seen here regarding song / artist rankings.  Posts like this and this.  Several years ago, I included attribution in the posts, but I stopped when the site closed to new subscribers, figuring I shouldn't promote a "closed" site..

Anyway, the other day I was looking at charts from the late 50's and early 60's.  I was thinking about the concept of The Day The Music Died (TSTMD), pondering a compare-and-contrast between a couple of time spans:
  • From Elvis's first Top 40 hit, until TDTMD (5/56 through 2/59)
  • From TDTMD to The Beatle's first US Hit (2/59 through 2/64)
  • From The Beatle's first hit until their breakup (2/64 through 6/70)
As I was skimming the data, I received a warning that I had exceeeded my daily quota of page loads.  No big deal, it happens.  But I received the same warning when logging on the next day, and the next...  and a couple days later.  So I dug up a contact address and sent them a pleasant email.

The response:  "Your membership has been cancelled for terms violation".

Granted, I haven't read the terms since I first signed up.  I tried to review them since being banned, but I can't access the site anymore!  My "What did I do?" email remains unanswered (after a week+).  Now,  I'm willing to accept that I did something, because I wouldn't expect them to randomly ban folk.  But, I don't know what I did wrong.  And while I don't think I did anything to harm the site, I realize it's their call not mine.
Oh well, it's their site, their terms.  I agreed to them, and if I've forgotten, it's not their fault.  I will accept and move on.  As my first ever banning, I suppose I should wear my "bad-boy" badge with pride.  But I'm bummed.  I really liked that site...

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