Tuesday, December 23, 2014

December 1974

A little late this month, but continuing the series, (Jan, Feb, Mar ,Apr, June, July, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov):

December 1974... 40 years ago this month.  The last episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus...  Catfish Hunter granted free agency...  The Man With The Golden Gun released...

Meanwhile....  What was happening in music?

Albums released in December include:

A remarkably quiet month to close out a pretty impressive year......

As for singles, 3 songs topped the charts in (the 4 weeks) of December 1974:

  • King Fu Fighting - Carl Douglas (12/07/74 and 12/14/74)
  • Cat's In The Cradle - Harry Chapin (12/21/74)
  • Angie Baby - Hellen Reddy (12/28/74)

A few really good songs made their Top 40 chart debuts.  Notables (IMHO) include:
  • Best Of My Love - Eagles (peaked at #1)
  • Fire - Ohio Players (peaked at #1)
  • Some Kind Of Wonderful - Grand Funk Railroad (peaked at #3)
  • Dark Horse - George Harrison (peaked at #15)

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